Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the perfect toy

* Mac is trying to get Nixon to look at him and talk to him
Mac: Nixon, you need to look at people and talk to them, not touch your peenie.
Nixon: But it's the perfect thing to play!
me: *laughing quietly but uncontrollable*
Mac: Nixon, you can not play with your peenie while talking to people.
Nixon: Okay *as he walks away*

Seriously, we brought this on ourselves because we let him chill in his undies when we have no plans to go anywhere. From now on we're stopping that. Pants or shorts at all times, so says Dad.


  1. I just now stumbled on this blog and I LOVE IT! What a fabulous idea! My daughter would probably wake up if I went in to snap a pic, but I could still do a nightly wrap up of sorts, right? I could just use a pic from that day instead. Hmm...will definitely think about this. I need to take a day off work so I can peruse more of the previous posts! (p.s. I'm from the FB only child page and I also read your randon mom-ments blog. I promise I'm not a creeper. lol...)

    1. Thanks for reading it! Nixon is pretty good about sleeping through my flashes during the night. I stop in to take 3-5 photos and then leave. I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up with it because I have a short attention span and it forces me to do this nightly.