Saturday, April 6, 2013

Days like today make me appreciate Nixon so much!

* Another awesome co-existing day with Nixon. He came into the bedroom at 630am...NOT a wake-up time in our house. I told him he should come into bed with me and sleep some more. He did, until around 8am when he kissed my cheek and asked me to turn on cartoons.

* I spent the morning in the kitchen, at the dining room table, working on some silhouette pieces. Well, really just one piece. Nixon was in and out, with requests for drinks or food, and I'd offer him some of the scrapes of my card stock paper cut in different shapes for him. He was overjoyed by them! He'd come running to me and telling me about the shapes and the rocket, or house, or bridge he built from the shapes I gave him.
Then he brought me the shapes and asked me "which one is bigger?", "which one is longer?", "which one is the shortest?", he was being awesome! And best of all, I had the time to finish what I was working on, while I was still interacting with him. His questions were awesome!

* Nixon got ready for bed, and said to me "Arwen needs a kiss". He walked over to where she was sleeping and gave her kisses on her head.

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