Sunday, April 7, 2013

Short & sweet tonight

how I found them when I first walked into the room...

* Nixon fell asleep with Amber on his bed, at his feet. He is one happy, happy little boy.
the back story is Amber has been kicked out of Nixon's room for almost a month, because she was purposely pooping and peeing on his bed. she was fine if he was in the room, but Nixon didn't want her in there, so we respected his opinion (it is his room, afterall) and kept the door closed at all times. tonight, Nixon let her in the room, on the bed with him and was fine allowing her to stay in the room after we said goodnight to him. I'm super happy that this is happening, and I'm hoping her behavioral issues are a thing of the past. 
I love how he's reaching towards where Amber's sleeping in his sleep. So adorable!

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