Wednesday, April 17, 2013

THIS is what was so funny yesterday

* Mac: I remembered what Nixon told me that made me laugh last night.
me: Really?
Mac: Yeah, only because he said basically the same thing again this morning to me.
me: Oh, that makes sense. So what was it?
Mac: He saw the carbonite Angry Bird on my desk, and says "Can I have my Angry Bird, Daddy?" to which I said "No, remember we traded. I gave you Captain Marvel domo for this Angry Bird figure" and then Nixon walks away saying "BOY, you better not be stealing my toys, Daddy!", I go on to re-explain we traded, I didn't steal it and Nixon says "*huff* FINE!"
me: Yep, that sounds like our kid, and it was blog worthy!

* The Angry Bird/ Captain Marvel battle continued. Nixon decided to start demanding he wanted his carbonite Han Solo Angry Bird back from Mac, totally ignoring the fact that he had 2 other of the exact same carbonite Angry Birds. Mac gave it back to him, and then I gathered the 2 of 3 DC domo figures that Mac had given Nixon and told Nixon to give them back to Mac. When Mac asked for Superman back, Nixon decided to suddenly be okay with the trading and gave Mac back the carbonite Han Solo Angry Bird.

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