Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's another adventure of CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!

* We took Nixon to a local school that had a special book festival and we learned about from our favorite comic book store Third Eye Comics, who happened to be a sponsor of the event. While Nixon wasn't feeling much beyond saying hi to a couple of his favorite people from Third Eye, he was successfully distracted from his escape route by the rat snake that was apparently the pet of the classroom Third Eye was set-up in. It was cute, Nixon was so excited looking at that little snake. 

* Tonight, I handed Nixon a cup of pudding. Nixon says to me "Mommy, it's missing something. Uh...the spoon!". As I was on my to the kitchen to get him a spoon as he said this I replied "Captain Obvious has returned I see.". It seems Nixon has my quick wit because without missing a beat he says "Actually, Mommy, it's Nixon", and he says this with his finger pointing up to the ceiling! 
I mean, really?!? He's only 4!!

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