Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nixon chose his future occupation today!!

* car ride conversation with Nixon:
Nixon: Mommy, I want to ride a rocket ship
me: A real one?
Nixon: Yeah, and go to outer space
me: So you want to be an astronaut?
Nixon: Will I get a rocket ship if I do?
me: No, baby, you don't get a rocket ship, but you're trained to ride in one. Rocket ships aren't everywhere, you have to train and go to them.
Nixon: And then go to outer space, right?
me: Yes.
Nixon: And Tom and Jerry are on my rocket ship with me?
me: No, Nixon, Tom and Jerry are on their own cartoon rocket ship, you can't have them ride with you.
Nixon: Crap on a stick! But I can still go to outer space, right?
me: Sure.
Nixon: Okay, I'll be an astronaut.

* In other news, Nixon is super excited about the countdown board for Nana. He even asked to make the 'X' today. I said sure but he needed to practice first. He happily started to practice writing 'X' which turned into 'T' and then 'H'. He was doing great, until he decided he was over it. But he did make today's 'X' which was all he wanted to do in the first place. Mission accomplished.
I wonder if BeBe will need to go to training when Nixon becomes an astronaut??

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