Thursday, April 4, 2013

I asked Nixon to help me with today's post....

Today was pretty awesome, so I figured I'd get the highlights in Nixon's own words:

* Nixon: undies are smelling stinky (as he starts looking down his undies)
me: Nixon, your undies are fine.
Nixon: No, they are stinky...I farted in them.

* me: What was the best part about today?
Nix: What is it?
me: I'm asking you...what was the best thing you did today?
Nixon: Yes, mom?
me: What was the favorite thing you did today?
Nixon: Bowling and have fun playing with Aunt Franny.

* me: Was bowling awesome?
Nix: Yeah! I was bowling with orange bowling ball and knocking down the bowling pins!
me: Where you a good bowler?
Nix: Yeah!

*me: Did anything else awesome happen today?
Nix: Yeah?
me: What else?
Nixon: Bowling!
me: You already said that. What else?
Nixon: I saw Aunt Franny.
me: Did you do anything with daddy?
Nixon: I said that! Daddy was here and I said that, now he is gone and I will never say that again! (Daddy is in bed sleeping, for the record)
me: What did you and Daddy do?
Nixon: More bowling and knocking down the bowling pins.
me: So today was just about bowling?
Nixon: Yeah! I'm not going to go to bed mom. Can I not go to bed?
me: I don't see that as a possibility. It's almost bedtime.

* The scary part of the night:
Franny, being the awesomely and fun aunt she is, came over to give Nixon a hug and kind of caught him by surprise with food in his mouth. He had a piece of tortilla chip get caught in his throat and started coughing, turning pink and getting flushed with tears coming out of his eye. I'm holding a napkin at his mouth in case he coughs it up, Mac is patting his back, Franny picks him up and tosses him upside-down to try to dislodge it first thing, and I start getting him to sip ice water.
About 5 terrifying minutes later, he stops coughing and just wants to cuddle....on Daddy! Surprise, surprise. He was very content to snuggle up on Mac's lap and be held by daddy while everything went back to normal. He finished his game and we all lived happily ever after while he learned the reason we are always telling him not to run/goof-off with food in his mouth.
Even though tonight was not his fault.

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