Tuesday, April 9, 2013

He "boo"ed me....he really did!

* The family took a short road trip to go to lunch with a friend. On the ride there, we see (well, hear is more like it) a sports bike go flying down the highway.
me: That's pure stupid right there!
Nixon: Hey! Do not say that word!
me: Nixon, I know "stupid" is not a nice word, but in this case, there is no other word to describe that...a-hole we just saw.
Mac: It's true buddy.
Nixon: It's not nice.
me: Nixon, that guy is putting himself and everyone else he's speeding past, at risk by racing his motorcycle down the highway at over 100mph. That is stupid! I don't hate motorcycle riders, as long as they are safe and I can be a safe driver around them. This guy is an accident waiting to happen.
me: *to Mac* He just booed me, didn't he?
Mac: Yes, yes he did.

* I love Nixon. One of his best qualities is his random ways of making me laugh. Today, all it took was a popsicle stick and Nixon making it his mustache. He said "Look at me! I'm a guy. A grown up with a thing on my lip!"
(I did not mention herpes....even though it was totally on the tip of my tongue! He wouldn't get it, and Mac was already in bed for the night, so it'd have been a waste. But someday he will get it and I will say it!)

and for the 3rd night in a row, Amber on the bed with Nixon. Warms my heart because she now comes upstairs at bed time with him. 

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