Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A look back on 2013...and 365 Quiet Nights, or close to 365, I took some nights off during the year.

Dec. 31st
Happy New Year's Eve!
Day 365
Happy New Year's Eve! This blog was born as an idea last year (2012) about this time. I spent the entire year, with very few exceptions, writing about Nixon's days and adding pictures. It started with pictures of him sleeping, but when he got sick he started sleeping a little lighter and the flash affected his sleep making it harder to take those nightly pictures. I didn't give up though, I added photos from the day instead, when I could.

Tonight, I'll do a post looking back on the top posts of this year.

#10 Jan. 3rd (day 3)

#9 Dec. 1st (day 335)

#8 Aug. 1st (day 215)

#7 Aug. 4th (day 218)

#6 Aug. 18th (day 232)

#5 Feb. 12th (day 43)

#4 July 30th (day 213)

#3 March 21st (day 82)

#2 Aug. 27th (day 241)

#1 Aug. 3rd (day 217)

To everyone who has read this blog during the year: Thank you!
Nixon's getting his party hat ready for tonight!
Happy 2014 everyone!!

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