Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm melting.......

Dec 9th
Nixon's mini-snowman
Day 343

* Nixon was awake today when I found out his school day was cancelled. School wasn't cancelled, just delayed but because of the delay, his morning part-time preschool class was cancelled. I asked if he wanted to do what you always do on a snow day: go back to bed, but he said no. 
   I made him a sheet-tent in his room, set him up with his PSP in the tent in his room. 

* When we came downstairs for the day, his very first question was "Mommy, what's my snowman look like today?". I opened the door and we looked. He was melting but not too bad. He looked pretty much exactly like he looked when I saw it at 1am before going to be (the picture above). 
   He didn't get to look at his snowman before bed tonight, but right now it's not looking pretty. But the plus side is, we're expecting 2-6 inches of snow tomorrow, so there's a chance Nixon will get a real snowman in the next day or two!

missing his head, floating eyes and nose, but the scarf is still on! 

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