Thursday, December 19, 2013

He has a calendar, the days are marked, but he still asks me the same questions a bazillion times a day: "Is it Christmas now?"

December 19th
Day 353

* "Is it Christmas now?" I have heard this question at least 5 times an hour, every day, since putting gifts that arrived from Nixon's nana under the tree. He sees the gifts and knows he can't open them until Christmas and he asks if it's Christmas yet. For some reason he expects a different answer than the previous one he was given just moments before. 

* Nixon chose a small, plastic yo-yo from the toy basket when he saw Santa on Tuesday. He continuously twirled the thing around and was told repeatedly not too, in addition to throwing it which he also had been told not to do. 
   So, it was not a surprise to me, when it broke because the string snapped and the yo-yo smashed into the wall breaking in half in a way that made it unfixable. He started to cry instantly, and instead of being a coddling and loving mom over the broken toy from Santa, I just told him to pick up the pieces and throw it out. 
   Harsh? Maybe, but he knows that broken toys get thrown out and he had been warned about swinging it and throwing it. 

* Finally, I was wrapping gifts tonight after I thought Nixon was asleep. Nixon had been in bed for nearly an hour and a half when I started wrapping gifts. It wasn't until I started wrapping the gifts from the jolly man in the red suit that I hear his door open. I pause, thinking he had to go to the bathroom, and wait. I hear him pass the bathroom and I quickly swept all proof of Santa gifts out of sight and usher him back upstairs!
Whew! That was a close one....

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