Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Only my kid could see chocolate chips as cookie clothing

* Nixon was eating chocolate chip cookies, when he found one without any chips:
Nixon: Oh no! It's missing all it's chocolate!
me: It is?? It's a naked cookie?
Nixon: *quickly covers the cookie* Don't look at it, it's nakey!
Nixon: *finds one with a lot of chocolate chips* Look the cookie is wearing a pretty dress!

* "You are so super strong mom. You can carry Arwen" (she's my 9.5-10 pound cat)

* Nixon knows I need my glasses to see distances. I keep them on top of my head most times. When he's supposed to be cleaning up his toys, he sits down beside and says "I'm done". I find that hard to believe. "Can I put my glasses on?" He says "Yes, but don't look over there", as he points to where none of his toys have been picked up.

*Please, just fall asleep....mommy has a date with a bag of popcorn and Arrow on dvr!

finally picked a bed and fell asleep...not his bed, but a desperate mommy can't be picky. Until tomorrow...goodnight! 

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