Sunday, January 13, 2013

even when he's naughty he will say he's sorry

* To give Mac a break while he sleeps, I took Nixon to the zoo today. It wasn't as warm as I had expected it to be, even though I had checked 2 different weather sites before deciding to go, but we toughed it out and went the entire day with Nixon getting only one firm talking-to by me. Most surprising, to me, was when Nixon apologized to a little girl for being bossy to her without even being told to by me! *swooning momma moment*

* Nixon asked me if his hands were warm, while we were at the zoo. I told him, I wasn't sure since they were his hands and asked him to find out. So he sniffed his hands and said "Yeah mom, my hands are hot!" Sometimes the only thing to do is laugh!

* At bedtime tonight, Nixon says to me: "Mommy, cameras are so awesome". I absolutely agree, Nixon!

today was a good day, can tomorrow be another one?

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