Thursday, January 10, 2013

"psst...hey Daddy"

I give "perfect mommy hugs"
Nixon: *hiding behind the curtains* Psst...hey, Daddy....
Nixon: pssst...hey,'s me Nixon
me: *giggling* Babe
Nixon: Psst...hey,'s me, Nixon.....I'm hiding
Mac: Good job Buddy, but if you're hiding you shouldn't tell me you're hiding.
Nixon: *crawling out from under the curtains* Oh.
Mac: *to me* It's like that whole Big Bang episode
"I'm going to my room"
"Very well Leonard, but next time try not to tell us where you're going to hide"
Mac: That needs to go in the blog for today
me: I'm on it.

* After I give Nixon a hug, he walks away and says "a perfect mommy hug". Anyone still wondering why he got a daily blog about him??

me: What do you want for dinner, bud?
Nixon: uh....bacon?
me: You want bacon for dinner? With what?
Nixon: cooking
me: What? You want bacon with cooking?
Nixon: Yeah. In the kitchen.
^^great, my 4-year old just told me to get in the kitchen and cook him some bacon!

He's perry...perry is on my (son's) butt!

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