Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"butt and peenie, butt and peenie"

* taught Nixon an important life lesson: there's no such thing as too much coffee. Especially not when it's said to an empty coffee cup. Empty coffee cups are sad and should be filled immediately.

* Ever heard the song "Black and Yellow"?  It's about the Steelers, I think. Mac gave Nixon a shower tonight and Nixon started signing "butt and peenie, butt and peenie" to the same tune as Black and Yellow.

* Nixon stayed home with Mac while I went to a doctor's appointment. What's awesome is, he did exactly what he does when I'm trying to sleep....kept trying to talk to him every 5 minutes about the show Nixon was watching! Mac worked midnights last night and had slept all of 2.5 hours before I had to leave. It was kind of hilarious because in my head I could hear Nixon telling Mac exactly what was happening...sorry babe.

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