Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creative Day

* Nixon helped Mac make me a cup of coffee before I came downstairs this morning. Nixon ran to the stairs and says "Mommy, youse coffee is ready" as soon as he heard me walking down the stairs. I love how he knows how important coffee is to me!

* Nixon spent almost all day playing with his Legos! The big thing is, he was doing it himself. He'd come to Mac or I when he needed help placing them on each other or taking them apart, but he was building things by himself.
I really saw his creative side today.
He also made a bracelet for himself out of pipe cleaners and beads.

* This is a big one: He ate a real dinner! 2 hot dogs, 5 large strawberries and a pickle. And he ate it all without a fight. Normally, if he doesn't pick it he won't eat it. His choices are peanut butter and jelly or toast. Occasionally, we'll get chicken nuggets added to the list.

How could you not love getting coffee from this cutie???

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