Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An idea was born....

365 quiet nights.
What does that mean, right?

Well, it started as a nagging thought in the back of my head sometime during my recent battle with the flu. Fever plus hours and hours of straight sleep plus an active mind led to this.

I love, simply adore, sneaking in and watching Nix sleep. I have lost an unknown number of hours of my life watching him sleep since he entered my world 4 years ago. I'm lucky (please no hate mail, I know I'm lucky) to have been blessed with a seriously awesome sleeper. I can go into his room, camera in hand, take some pictures of him sleeping using flash, and he never wakes up! I've gone into his room and apologized for a bad day, kissed him for a wonderful day and snuggled him during nightmares and night terrors.

It made me realize, I can do more with this.
And I fully plan on it.

365 quiet nights is my new daily (or is it nightly?) blog which will feature a photo on Nix sleeping, the date somehow in the picture and a brief highlight or low light of the day. Why? Because, as a mom, for me, when I see him sleeping the whole day pales in comparison. He is so beautiful when he sleeps. I feel I need to be a better mom every single time I see him sleeping.

Here's a sample of the pictures you can expect:
Nix, sleeping as an infant
Nix, sleeping on his 4th birthday (this was a nap)

Nix, sleeping in May.

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