Saturday, January 5, 2013

days like today make me smile

* Another Saturday, another comic book signing at Third Eye Comics. Nix and I arrive to the store about 45 minutes before opening. This allows Nix some time to burn off some energy and (like today) show off his awesome dance moves for the other people in line.
While waiting in line, Nix got impatient and it could have gotten ugly until Nixon gleefully finds the dice and spends more than 30 minutes chilling in one spot lining up dice. We are so lucky the staff is super understanding and doesn't mind when he does this. Seriously, those dice have saved Nix mid-meltdown, more than once and the staff is always good about it. Just one more reason *like we need more* that we love this comic book store!

* Nix met one of my battle buddies from AIT tonight and her husband. He was charming, entertaining and spot-on with his manners. Even if he didn't want to eat the amazing meal I made, he was charming enough that I'll forgive him today.

knocked out on his Cars sheets with his Cubby Stark bear...go Disney haha

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