Friday, January 4, 2013

"...a heart for you, mommy"

* Nixon has a new memory-inspired game. It's by Melissa and Doug and he really likes it. Granted, he doesn't play it exactly correctly, but it keeps him busy.
Today, while I was making dinner, he comes to me and says "Mommy, I got you a heart." I really didn't understand what he meant, until I turned around and saw he had only the 2 hearts opened and was "giving" them to me.
Mac says "Boy, you gotta stop doing this, you're making me look bad!" haha

* Mac was watching SportsCenter when he says "Oh you just got balled!" about a basketball clip. Nixon, not knowing what his dad is talking about says "Really? He's got balls?"
I just stink-eye stare at Mac and say "well, that's going in today's post".

even in his sleep, he's always watching creepy!

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