Monday, January 21, 2013

Where is my bacon?...would have been tonight's title if Nixon hadn't broken my heart....

* I asked Nixon if he wanted some of the bacon I was baking for my dinner. He said yes and then went off to enjoy his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. About 15 minutes later he comes over and he says "Mommy, where is my bacon? I smell it, but it's not in my tummy!" Of course, we only eat turkey bacon in our house, but I love that he is still excited to eat bacon, just like his dad and I!

* At bedtime, after his agreed on tv bribe time was over, he says to me "I don't love you" because I told him it was bedtime. I told him he just broke my heart and he was to go to his bedroom now. He then said "I'm being bossy and I broke you heart in a lot of pieces. Good night!"
Yeah, not such a good night...
 When it was time to tuck him in, he said he was sorry for being bossy. I told him I wasn't sad he was bossy, I was sad he was say he didn't love me. Eventually, we hugged and kissed and said good night.
his beautiful lips, that perfect mouth I helped create, formed words that hurt me in a way I thought I had years before I'd feel.

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