Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...who's this sexist prick and where did my loving kid go?

* Our washing machine broke last week. Our landlord replaced it a couple days later...
Nixon: Mommy got a brand-new washing machine.
me: what?!
Mac: Why is it Mommy's? Can't it be Daddy's too?
Nixon: No. It's mommy's because mommy loves it. (I really don't)
Mac: But I do laundry too (he says this as he's doing a load of laundry)
Nixon: No, it's only mommy's washing machine!

* Nixon trusts me so deeply sometimes it makes feel unworthy to be his mother. Tonight, as I'm taking my nightly photos of him he rolls over, sees me there, smiles and doesn't even ask what I'm doing. Just goes back to sleep as if I'm not even there, camera in hand. I love that it's not even an odd occurrence to him, to see me in his room late at night with my camera.

he had just fallen back to sleep...well nearly back to sleep.

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