Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daddy and me mommy allowed!

*Special guest writer today! Mac wrote this blog and sent it to me, in an email with the pictures. I'm just copying and pasting it as is....Enjoy!*

-Nixon:  I kissed Amber's holes
-Dad(Half asleep):  That's good pal,...wait, what?  You mean nostrils?
-Nixon:  No, her holes!

The robot thing:  He put the box that his Iron Cub came in on his
head, positioned where he could see out the "windows" of the box.  He
came over to me, and we stared at each other wordlessly for about 10
seconds.  He then yelled, "I'm a robot!", and then ran away.  We had a
lazy day, watched TV, he played the PSP, I played the Xbox, and did
some housework, we napped, that's about it.  Good times.

I'm so glad he and his dad got to spend an awesome day together....I'll be home tonight! 

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