Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2...growing strong!

* "I'm dancing with my face." (Nixon told me this when I asked him what he was doing. It looked like a strange cross between headbanging and salsa/hip-hop dance. He was doing this to the Big Bang Theory theme song, so at least he's got taste in music. Barenaked Ladies are awesome!)

* at Amber "You peed on my bed! That's gross!"

* allowed Mac and I to sleep peacefully, in bed while Nixon watched cartoon in our bed. Generously giving hugs and kisses to us in our sleep. I'm used to this, Mac is not and almost slapped at Nixon. He didn't, but it's his automatic reaction to sudden touches while he's sleeping.

You know it's really hard to get the camera to focus in the dark...sorry for the blur.

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