Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"That's a lotta poop?"

*While I was making our breakfast, Nixon comes in with the broom. I asked him what he was doing and he says "Mommy, its germy in here! I need to clean the germ because youse too busy."

* Nixon was walking around in his undies (good gods, someday he's going to be really pissed about this blog!) when I saw that he had put them on backwards.
me: Nixon, your undies are on backwards.
Nixon: They are?!?!
me: You didn't notice? Aren't they uncomfortable?
Nixon: Yeah.
me: So turn them around!
Nixon: But they keep my butt warm....
Once again I'm awed by his logic.

* Nixon, sitting next to me on the sofa with his 2 teddy bears. I hear him talking, playing with his teddy bears "you need to touch your toes", I turn and look at him and he's got BeBe touching her toes and Giant BeBe looking at her butt. He then says "That's a lotta poop in there."

fell asleep on his book....so cute!

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