Monday, January 7, 2013

"Do I love you a lot, mom?"

* Nixon put himself in Time-Out this morning. He says "I can't talk. Gotta go to Time-Out". He hadn't done anything to warrant Mac or I putting him in Time-Out, but he felt he needed to go there.
Turns out this was just his excuse for going and playing on the stairs with BeBe.

* "I'm a hero, Mommy. I can scoop the cat poop because I am a hero!" and he did scoop out the litter box, flush the poop and he did it all by himself. Scooping the litter box? Yes, Nixon, yes you are my hero!

* "You not a princess, mommy, you a mommy" words of wisdom from Nixon.
me: "I can't be a princess because I'm a mommy?"
Mac: "Why can't mommy be a princess, Nix?"
Nixon: "Mommy can't be a princess because mommy builds my *legos* airplane."
Mac: "So princesses can't build airplanes?"
Nixon: "No. And mommy is not a princess, she's a mommy"

* Nixon has spent the whole day asking me "Mommy, do I love you a lot?" Of course he loves me, it's odd that he needs to ask me so often though. It's as though he's testing me....have I done anything that would cause him to NOT love me? Sometimes I find myself asking this very question: Have I done something to cause Nixon to not love me? He's too young to be posing such deep philosophical questions, isn't he?

What will tomorrow hold?

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