Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guess who's getting a new hair brush??

* Nixon's new way to ask for something to eat:
"Mommy, I need food so I can grow big like Daddy. That's bigger than you!"

* After his nap today, Nixon was in a real pisser of a mood. He spit in my glass of soda...twice. Then, when I was talking to him about that, he dry spit (that "pfft" but no actual spit) at me. After he was done with his punishment for that one, I found him in the bathroom....pulling my hair brush out of the toilet.

...ugg, this age is rough.

* Using my phone tonight, Nixon swings BeBe into the phone which hits my lips and teeth...ouch! Not the best way to end our night. After he went to bed, we talked everything out...the spitting, the brush in the toilet and the using BeBe as a weapon.. ending with hugs, kisses and lots of "I love you"s. About 20 minutes after Nixon was in bed, he came out and into my bedroom, where I was, and said "Mommy, I sorry I broke your heart because I was mean. I love you, your my best friend." He got more hugs and kisses and was tucked back into bed.

tomorrow can only be better than today.

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