Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"I have bones inside?"

* watching SuperWhy today, Nixon suddenly says to me "Mommy, do I have bones inside?" I tell him "yes" and he says "I do!?" as if it's the most awesome thing ever.

* he's been super loving and affectionate today. I'll take it, give how last night ended.

* Nixon's a choosey eater. He either chooses what he eats or he doesn't eat it. Today he took the egg carton from the fridge and asked for eggs. He scrambled them, I broke the eggs and watched him carefully, then I cooked them. He ate his whole serving of eggs!! He made it, he ate it! I might be onto something here.

* After his nap, Nixon was upset because his Iron Man toy is MIA. He's somewhere in the house, but where exactly is a mystery. The only thing that seemed to distract him was his box of dress-up clothes:

today was such a better day!

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