Friday, January 11, 2013

...and today, a video highlight

Nixon has started singing lately. Which is funny because just last month he would tell anyone he heard singing to stop. And he wasn't nice about it. Well, now he's allowed to sing and most times I'm allowed to sing but that's usually about it. 
The video below shows Nixon singing his latest favorite song. Mac is to blame for this....I had nothing to do with this. I've said before, I don't listen to the latest fade hits most times. Nixon likes Pink and Matchbox Twenty because of me though. He also listens to Ani DiFrano because of me. 

* For some reason, even after reading the entire first comic book of Monsters Inc., Nixon did not want to sleep tonight. He finally fell asleep in our bed, on Mac's side. Which is good (because Mac is working) and bad (because I like to watch tv in bed before I fall asleep and he's facing the screen less than 18 inches from the screen), but most importantly it's great because I get to listen to him grind his teeth and snore, which is kind of comforting compared to the empty bed I had waiting for me before he took over the bed. 

strike a pose....trying to take over a california king bed.

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