Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A bad day from the start.....

* Nixon and I's day started with him coming to my side of the bed, where I was still sleeping and him saying this to me "I don't love you, mommy". I was too stunned to even react. But it pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. I was emotionally numb, try telling a 4-year old that his words hurt your, really go ahead, I'll wait.
  Normally Nixon is a very loving and caring child. Today, and yes I'm about to make an excuse for him, he was woken up early and unexpectedly by a construction crew of vehicles and loud men not more than 20 feet from him bedroom window at 7am. His whole day was set into a free fall of chaos and I was just collateral damage.

* He also refused a nap...yay.

* He found a bin of toys that I'd hidden with the intention of donating them. He picked through them, taking the ones he wanted and leaving the ones he didn't. He did not ask to go through them because he was told not to go into the box that they were hidden in. As a result, I cleaned out all the toys from his room. He stole toys from my room, I took all his away. He has only books now in his room.

* He was upset because I vetoed Mac's suggestion to watch Star Wars.

* He rolled his eyes, sassed back at me and "nuh-uh" when I asked him to pick up his toys.

* He ended the day by giving me a half-pedi. He painted the toes on my right foot with the same brown nail polish I had used on his toes earlier in the evening. I didn't even ask him to, he just started doing it because he said my toes looked lonely with no colors.

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