Sunday, May 26, 2013

I need more robots!!

* This is a warning for all the moms who have sons (or daughters, but mostly sons) that might enjoy wearing ties: Please, make sure you teach your child to remove said tie before using the bathroom. We had not thought to do so with Nixon and well....He did not move the tie out of the way and peed all over the tie. I'm also pretty certain the bottom of the tie went into the toilet, but he swears it did not, he only peed on it because "It was in front of my peenie and would not move when the water came out of it!"
   The tie needs to be washed.

* Nixon was playing with my stickers today. I have some I use for various reasons, one page in particular he likes. He pulled off a frog wearing a crown and brought it to me:
"Mommy am I your frog prince?"
me: Of course you are. *I put the sticker on his shirt and kiss him*
Nixon: *brings me a princess sticker* Here Mommy, a sticker for you.
me: A princess, really?
Nixon: Yes, your MY princess! *he kissed my cheek*

* We watched Star Wars: Episode 2 tonight. Nixon's first compliant? Not enough robots. He did enjoy the big Jedi battle scene, so much so he was up re-enacting it as it happened on TV.

* Once again, Nixon was "reading" my book and it said he needed to get 2 smiley faces to get a Super Mario Bros. go-cart ball. I've got a few chapters left in this book, but that's just not meshing with the storyline! haha

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