Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"I want to drive!!"

* Another day, another short road trip to Virginia for another visit to the DMV. My GPS decided to send us through DC, but Nixon was awesome. He was playing with his iTouch, headphones on and totally content. We reached the DMV and the wait was 45 minutes give or take and Nixon was fairly well-behaved.
   When it was time to go, Mac took him to the car so I could use the restroom before we headed off to meet a friend for lunch. Before going to the car, I handed Nixon the keys and told him it was a very important task. Apparently, I accidentally told him he'd be driving, because when I got to the car, Nixon was upset that he wasn't in the driver's seat. How do you solve this? If you're me...you give Nixon a silicon bracelet and tell him it's a steering wheel and he's driving. He was overjoyed by that and "drove" the whole way to our lunch date. At one stop light I turned and asked him how he's doing and he said "I'm fine, just waiting for the green light, because red means stop."

* Lunch was another story. He drank his strawberry lemonade, but when his food came he was trying to get under the table and squirming around. He was warned twice and then told he ate or went to the car. He chose the car. Mac texted me, from the car, and said Nixon wanted to stay in the car because he was tired. Less than 3 minutes later I got another text from Mac that Nixon was asleep. Guess he was tired...
   I stayed and talked with our friend, getting Nixon & Mac's food to-go leaving about 15 minutes after Nixon and Mac left for the car.

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