Monday, May 6, 2013

...and then he made my dad laugh!

* Nixon came into our bedroom at 630 this morning:
Nixon: Mommy, Amber peeded on my bed
me: what?!?
Nixon: *walked over to Mac's side of the bed* Daddy! Amber wetted my bed!
me: Nixon, come here, what?
Nixon leaves our bedroom and goes into the spare bedroom: Nana, Amber peeded on my bed!

Yes, there was a small spot of pee. I took everything off his bed and went back to sleep, he stayed up with Nana. But not before he started yelling at Amber (which is not okay, and he was told as much. )

* I called my parents tonight. It's been a few weeks, and I got some news so I called them immediately. After talking to my mom and my dad, I let Nixon talk to my dad. First, Nixon does his latest (a-hole) move, and yells into the phone. Then he hands me the phone and says he can't talk. Finally he sits still for a minute and really talks to his grandfather. When I got the phone back, my dad was genuinely laughing at Nixon and his antics.
  Thank you, Nixon. I haven't heard a sincere and genuine laugh from my dad in quite a few months.

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