Thursday, May 30, 2013

" surprise ever!"

* Nixon and I had a date this morning. I set my alarm for 8:50am and at 9am we were watching My Little Pony in bed together, for our mommy & me date. He was so excited last night when I told him we'd have a date in the morning to watch My Little Pony together.

* Mac and I bought Nixon a used bike. (Yes he has one already, but it's a little too big for him and has hand breaks so too much going on for him) Nixon didn't see me put it in the back of my car, when we got home I opened the trunk and he saw it and said "Mommy, this is the best surprise you and Daddy gave to me ever!"
  He working on the peddling but he'll get it. We lowered the seat and he liked it better as soon as the seat was lowered.

* After our rough last 2 days, Nixon fell asleep in my arms tonight...watching Star Wars: Ep.3
I even got to carry him to bed, cradled in my arms, with his head lying on my shoulder. All was right and forgiven at that moment in time.

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