Saturday, May 25, 2013

"I need a magnifying glass"

* Nixon spent another signing at Third Eye Comics, lining up dice. Today I got photos of him doing it:

* Nixon grabbed a book I'm reading and was pretending to read it himself. Apparently the book said "Get 2 smiley faces. Go to the Comic Book Store. Get a Super Mario car ball." Nixon kept reading those words over and over again.
   He also said "I need a magnifying glass, the letters are too small for me to see", which almost makes sense. Except, this is the same kid that spots airplanes from a moving vehicle thousands of miles in the air that is a minute speck in the sky, the size of which is much smaller than the letters in the book he is currently trying to read. Sorry kiddo, no magnifying glass for you!

* Finally, we let Nixon watch Star Wars: Episode One tonight. I'm pretty sure our son might be one of the only kids I've even known who is upset because all the droids were killed and destroyed by the Jedi! He was angry and said it was mean and unfair! He wasn't even okay with it when I explained that they were destroyed to protect Anakin, the Jedi and the Queen.
The Dark Side seems to have a strong pull with Nixon!

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