Thursday, May 9, 2013

A quiet child is a scheming child!

* Mac and I woke up around 830am and realized, we don't hear Nixon. At first we thought he was still sleeping. Oh how wrong we were. He had snuck into the spare bedroom, closed the door behind him and was quietly playing with the large basket of toys that had been in that closet for months! He saw the basket before he went to bed last night, but really didn't say much about it. Which leads me to think he plotted the pre-dawn, bedroom break-in before falling asleep last night! That little sneak!
He was super quiet about it too.
Tonight, before he went to bed (after he slyly asked to sleep in the spare bedroom), we explained that those toys are going to be given to kids who don't have a lot of toys. We're going to let him keep a few, but the massive majority of them are getting donated in the very, very near future.

* This is my son:
We went to our storage units this morning and Mac sorted through some crap looking for paperwork while also reorganizing and marking the boxes more clearly with the contents of what's inside each one. Nixon had a chair to sit in, his PSP to watch, food to eat and should've been really content. And he totally was, as he was accumulating random crap from the boxes Mac was going through! He gathered a small Snoopy & Woodstock figure, some Garbage Pail Kids cards, a Joker & Batman goodie bag and a plush Stitch stocking. (I was singing "da-na-na-na Joker" instead of Batman, so Nixon started copying me, right down to the "pfftttt Batman" line I added. What can I say? I'm a classy mom!)

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