Saturday, May 11, 2013

The day Nixon met R2D2.

* Nixon met Stormtroopers today. He also met a Royal Imperial Guard, a Clone Trooper and....R2D2! For real!
Oh, yeah, Nixon was also dressed up as Wolverine and had told Mac he wanted to be called Wolverine Nixon. He takes his cosplay serious.

* I was trying to explain Mother's Day to Nixon tonight...
me: Nixon, do you know what tomorrow is?
Nixon: Yes! *pauses*, I don't know. What's tomorrow?
me: It's Mother's Day.
Nixon: What?
me: It's a special day for moms. Do you know a mom?
Nixon: I do! You're a mom.
me: I am. I am your mom.
Nixon: And Amber?
me: Well, yeah, Amber was a mom too. (Amber had a litter of kittens when she was brought to the shelter that she was adopted from)
Nixon: And Daddy?
me: No, not Daddy. His day is next month.
Nixon: Arwen?
me: No, Arwen's never been a mom. Her birthday is in October though. I don't know when "Spoiled-Ass-Cat-Day" is.
mid-roll away from the flash....

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