Friday, May 31, 2013

Begging for compliments?? When did he become a narcissist?

* Oh my boy and his tie! It's been washed and he was wearing it today. We went to the grocery store and as soon as we walked in, someone complimented his tie. Nixon says "I like it, it's pritty, right?" The lady giggled and said he is such a cutie. As we continued to shop, Nixon was on his best behavior. He was walking down an aisle and another man was coming down as well. Nixon says, clear as could be "Oh, excuse me" as he walked by. The guy was so taken aback he did a double take! Then he said "You, little man, have wonderful manners." What does my little man say? "Thank you, I got them from my tie!" Apparently his tie gives him super-manners! The guy then compliments his tie and walks away chuckling at my adorably cute kid.
   At check-out, Nixon asks the woman in line ahead of us "Do you like my tie?", he then asked another person in line if they also liked his tie. He asked the cashier if he liked his tie. I finally had to ask Nixon to stop asking everyone if they liked his tie, because as cute as he and his tie are, it's not polite to beg for compliments like he was doing.

* We were at the grocery on base (commissary for those who are familiar with the term). I handed Nixon the money to put into the person who was bagging our groceries tip jar. Nixon put the money in the jar and as we were walking away Nixon says "I gave you one thousand dollar!" I chuckled and the bagger said "I wish!", I had to reply "I wish I had it to give, believe me!" and Nixon made it all better by saying, Isn't my tie great?" to a customer heading into the store at that moment!

* Nixon went into meltdown "i miss daddy" status again tonight. He'd be good, then melt again. This went on for over 45 minutes. He even talked to Mac and was good then started crying again! I couldn't get him to calm down enough to sleep.
   What's a mom to do?
   Come up with a plan! Tonight's plan? Offer Nixon a photo of Daddy to sleep with. I printed one of the 2 of them off, put it in a frame and he took it to bed with him. He was lying down looking at his picture when I left him.
   My sweet, emotional boy.

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