Saturday, June 1, 2013

Skip a nap crash on the sofa early!

* I have a sore throat and have been under the weather because of it. Nixon, on the other hand, has been feisty and feeling just fine. Today he refused to pick up his toys and as a result of refusing multiple time and yelling in my face after I told him to go to his room, he was in time out in his room...with a gate in front of his door to keep him in there.
  Or so I thought.
  Around the time I was going to check on him, because he'd been quiet for a while and I thought he'd fallen asleep (secretly hoped), BeBe comes tumbling down the stairs, followed by a very stealth Nixon. Nixon comes over to me and says he "escaped" by crawling under the gate...he was very proud of his escape and very apologetic for the actions that got him sent to his room.

* He might be outgrowing naps...but I'm still doing quiet times. Today he didn't nap. But he did fall asleep on the sofa at 8:30pm!
   I'm a little worried he might be sick because he looked very flush and sweaty when I went to take his pictures tonight. He's been drinking from my water bottle, in spite of my warnings that he'll get sick if he does.
   Please don't let my baby boy don't get sick......
poor flushed, sweaty kiddo :(

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