Sunday, June 9, 2013

Braggy, good times ruined by Nixon's absolute honesty!

* It's a brag! We went out to breakfast this morning. We left the house 2 minutes earlier than we'd aimed for last night, which for us is amazing! We got to Denny's and it was starting to get crowded. Instead of a booth, we were seated at a table, in the center of the dining area. It was loud, because there were several large parties surrounding us. All this had the potential for a Nixon meltdown.
   He sat quietly, sipping his juice, watching his Phineas & Ferb and was totally unfazed by all the noise! When his food came, he just focused on eating his entire meal and watching more Phineas & Ferb. There was not a point, until he was done eating, that we had to talk to him about his behavior! We were so completely surprised and proud, we got him a smoothie to-go!

* Nixon earned back some of the toys he'd had taken away for not cleaning them up. He got one basket of toys on the condition they all stay in his room. He stayed in his room, happily playing with his toys for over 2 hours!
   He came downstairs, after I came inside from doing yard work, and asked me if I wanted to play cars with him. I said yes and his eyes lit up! We played in his room, crashed his cars into each other, made a bridge and ran cars off of it and just had fun together.

* Bedtime conversation with Nixon:
me: Nixon, in the morning wake up Daddy. He's going to take you to get something special for me in the morning.
Nixon: Because you are going to be old?
me: What? No, well, sort of...because it's my birthday tomorrow yes.
Nixon: And you are being old!
me: I'm being old?
Nixon: And pruny!
me: I'm old and pruny?
Nixon: Yes, you will be old and pruny when the sun comes up in the morning.
me: Gee, thanks kid.
Nixon: *laughs* You welcome!
Love seeing these two sleeping so peacefully together.

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