Monday, June 3, 2013

He's the sweetest thing!

* My day started rather late today. I was coughing up a bunch of grossness, which led to a fitful sleep. Nixon was in bed with me, but undisturbed by my coughing fits, thankfully. He was awake and watching TV around 8am, his normal start-the-day time. When I'd cough, he'd touch my head, whisper "Poor Mommy, go back to sleep" and kiss my cheek. I would stay asleep, because who'd argue with an offer like that?
   I finally rolled and looked at the clock, past a peaceful Nixon next to me watching Bubble Guppies, to see it was 11:15AM!! I got out of bed and we headed downstairs where I fed Nixon. I was so happy to find there was not a single mess in the house, the cats weren't traumatized and the house was still standing! Seems he knew I needed rest and he let me get it.

* I did wake up with a deep, raspy voice that by 3pm had all but disappeared. I was voiceless, but this is actually a good thing because it's the last phase of any cold I ever get.
   Now, getting Nixon to do things when I don't have a voice is I resorted to getting in his face and whispering real close to him. Think creepy, serial killer type voice. That's what I sounded like, but boy did he do what I was asking him to do!

Love him and his kind heart!

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