Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sarcasm, it's contagious.

* You know what's fun? When you realize your kid has sarcasm down to a science and it's your fault. You know what's even more fun? That he's mastering dry sarcasm and using it against you, his mom...giver of life and provider of food.
   Yes, Nixon has done both of these. I'd be proud if he weren't using it against me. He really is my little mini-me. Right down to the dry sarcastic streak.

* Speaking of my kid being kind of an ass....I've once again lost my voice. It's this stupid cold I can't seem to beat. Nixon decided today would be a good day to try my patience and started mocking my weak, raspy voice. To my face. Then laughing at me.
   I didn't get an apology from him until I had Mac call him from work and tell Nixon to be nice to me since I can't speak for myself.
   When Nixon went to bed early, he said to me "Poor mommy, you've got no voice and I made fun of you. That wasn't nice, but it was funny!" Then he kissed my cheek and told me I needed to go to bed so I can get better and be able to talk loud.
    He's a sweet kind of punk, isn't he?

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