Thursday, June 20, 2013

Given the choice, I choose'll see why.

* Nixon, hands me a bottle of baby nighttime lotion, and says "Mommy, I have itchies I need lotion." So I rub him down with lotion and he now smells like he did when he was a baby, if only he was as quiet as when he was a baby.

* Nixon is in a gun phase. He's shooting double-fisted guns today. At me. Saying "I kill you dead!". He has gone so far as to use BeBe as a gun at me.
   I took BeBe and told him "BeBe, shooting guns at people is not nice. Be a lover night a fighter." To which Nixon says "BeBe loves no one!" which is very sad to think that my son's best friend doesn't even love him.

* Talk about a blow to my ego. Nixon came over next to me and points at the cellulite on my thigh.
Nixon: Mommy, you got an owie?
me: No Nixon, I've got cellulite.
Nixon: Cause you're old?
me: No, Nixon, this is all genetics and lack of muscle tone.
Nixon:'re old.
me: Nixon please stop telling me I'm old.
Nixon: Mommy, you need exercise.
me: Let's go back to the old thing......

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