Friday, June 28, 2013

About last night....

* Nixon got a whole bunch of "new-to-him" toys. He also got new organizational groups for all his toys. Yeah, I'm OCD like that. Because these new-to-him toys had been stored in a shed for a while, we needed to clean them first. They were cleaned in the bathtub and then drying. Nixon was coming down frequently to tell me  "Mommy, I think they're dry now".

* Nixon was showered, dressed, teeth brushed and in bed before 9pm last night. So why were Mac and I still trying to get him to fall asleep well after 1030pm? That's a good question! We were trying everything. At first we were lying on the floor of his room, with him in his bed. Then we moved to our bed, where Nixon and I were cuddling and Mac fell asleep. I sang to Nixon his Baby Song, and then told him the story of how I made up the Baby Song. Still he wasn't falling asleep.
   Finally, I resorted to trying quasi-hypnotic sleeping techniques. I had him lay his head on my chest, right over my heart and focus on listening to my heartbeat. When he was calm and focused, I added deep breathing. When he was doing good with that I asked him if he felt his eyelids getting heavy? He was really getting deep and sleepy, and everything was pointing to him finally falling asleep (this was around 11pm now). I moved him to his bedroom and went downstairs.
   Less than ten minutes later, Nixon was slowly coming sneaking down the stairs. Mac caught him and he went back to bed. I checked on him about 20 minutes later and he was FINALLY asleep.

   The lesson?? Hypnosis is not a successful way to get your stubborn child to fall asleep
Arwen photobombed Nixon's picture last night. 

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