Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How, exactly, does one "dance wrong"?

* Nixon likes to lick any pudding or other food that might stick to his arm. Only problem is, he doesn't lick so much as vacuum it off of his arm. A couple days ago Mac says to me "Nixon has a bruise or something on his arm and he says it hurts." I take a look at it and started to laugh! Not because our kid was hurt, but because our kid had managed to give himself his first hickey...at 4! That's impressive if you ask me!
you can tell, it's pretty obvious what kind of mark and where it came from, that it's not a normal bruise. 

* Yesterday, on my birthday, Nixon told me I wasn't old. This morning, that all changed. Evidently Nixon changed his mind overnight because this morning I heard this "Good morning Mommy! You're old!" followed by him laughing and dancing around my bedroom singing "Old, old, old....hahaha OLD!", a catchy little ditty he made up himself.

* Speaking of dancing, ever dance with your kid to the theme song of a cartoon? I did! Today, we danced to the My Little Pony theme song! Why? Why not! It's catchy and Nixon was in a dancing mood. So we danced! Then he told me to stop, because apparently, I dance wrong.
I don't think he's getting sick, I think he just likes to mouth-breath.

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