Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"...ants are trying to get to the food in my tummy!" oh the fears of a 4-year old.

* We have an ant problem, it seems. No matter what I do, we've got them all over our front entrance area, which also happens to be where Nixon's table and chairs are. He's starting to freak out every time he sees an ant, no matter how many times we tell him they are NOT trying to eat him.
   Tonight took the cake. He came downstairs and told Mac "Daddy, there were ants on me trying to get to the food in my tummy!" Mac told him to go back to bed, and I went upstairs to explain to him that: ants are simple insects. They go where the food is, usually in a straight line and sometimes Nixon is in the way. The ants aren't trying to get the food that he ate, rather Nixon is in the path they are going to to get food crumbs he left behind. He says "So they won't try to get inside me for the food in my tummy?" Oh! I tell him "No baby, the ants are just crawling over you, like Amber or Arwen walk over me in my bed to get to their food dish. They don't want the food in your belly, they just don't want to go the long way, around you, to get to the food they know is waiting for them."
   He settled down and even laughed at his silliness. I reminded him that he needs to be careful about not dropping food on the floor and throwing his trash out right away, but he seemed fine and ready for bed by the time I left him.

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