Sunday, June 2, 2013

He read a little today!

* ...he brought me the apples from his Happy Meal and asked me to open them because "Your super strong, Mommy. You're even stronger than daddy." I'm not going to argue with that, since all that means to him is I'm his hero.

* I had tea for breakfast this morning, instead of my usual coffee. Nixon, who loves to help me make my coffee, say the different k-cup and said "Um, should put this one in" and hands me a coffee k-cup. When I tell him my throat is sore and I need tea to help it feel better Nixon says "But mommy, coffee makes you smile".

* We sent a couple packages off last week. Since Nixon is starting to learn his letters and write them, I wrote out "I Love You" on a sheet of paper so he could write it inside the cards we were sending out.
   Nixon brought that same piece of paper to me today and said to me "Look mom, this says "I love you", see? Right here. Look! MOM! Look!" I looked up and he was pointing to the words as he said them. When I wrote the phrase, I only told him the letters, I never told him what it said. No, I think I told him once what it said, but the letters were the important part.
   My baby read a phrase all on his own!!!

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