Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There's something about tortoises.

* We spent some time at the DC Zoo today. Nixon loved seeing the animals, even got upset when we decided to leave because the rain that started as a drizzle didn't let up. We left before he got to see the tortoise. He was fine going to the car, until he realized we were actually driving out of the zoo....

*Mac was playing his Avengers game on Facebook
Nixon: Mommy, Daddy beat the bad guys
me: *sending a text on my phone* Yeah, that's great buddy. (no enthusiasm)
Mac: *whispers* Hey, tell mommy "Don't patronize me"
Nixon: Don't pat-ron-ize me, Mommy.
me: Nice, that's awesome. Our kid just said "patronize" to me. Thanks.
Mac: I never expected he'd be able to say it!

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