Monday, June 17, 2013

He may like having his toes painted, but he's a boy for sure! (his pose says it all)

* Nixon got up this morning and the first words out of my mouth were "Where is your dad?" haha I stayed up until almost 4am last night because I got so into a book, I ended up finishing it. I had forgotten Mac had to stay late for training. Nixon says to me, as he's looking out of my bedroom window to the parking spaces, "I don't know but the blue car isn't here and the sun is up!"

* I adore Nixon's love for pedicures! Tonight he asked me to repaint his toes. He loved me removing his old polish ("It tickles!") and he sat still (mostly) for the polishing. The best part was his total man pose while his feet were drying:

* There's one thing that melts my heart and it is when Nixon sings the song I've sung to him since he was a baby, with me. He's started doing that with me and I absolutely love him for it. It's amazing that he now sings the words I've made up for him just because he loves those words.

* Conversation with a sleeping Nixon:
Nixon: NO! Mommy said my nails are still wet.
me: what?
Nixon: my toes are wet from the shower but mommy painted them. HOw did mommy paint my toes?
me: Mommy's got magic powers that lets her paint your nails.
Nixon: Yeah.
Nixon: *reaching for me* I love you Mommy!
me: I love you too baby.
Nixon: Mommy?
me: Yeah.
Nixon: How did you come in here?
me: I used the door.
Nixon: There's a door?!?! I'm in the shower and there's a door!
me: Oh baby! I adore you.
Nixon: Good night mommy. I need my sleep. I'm going to be bigger than daddy someday.
he never opened his eyes during that entire conversation, but he knew exactly where I was and reached exactly for me. 

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