Friday, June 21, 2013

"you forgotted me!"

* Nixon today, on our way out of the post office, sees a dog walking by with his/her owner. He decides, in true I-must-be-a-total-pain-in-mom's-ass-about-everything fashion, he doesn't like dogs. He continues to lament about this new found dislike of dogs as we walk from the Post Office to Dunkin Donuts. After getting our donuts and Nixon's chocolate milk, the same dog is taking a rest next to the DD storefront. Nixon notices the dog and says "Aww..mommy I love dogs! I love cats. I love all animals. Except the stupid birds that poop on you green car."
Moral of this tale? Nixon is like a teenage girl. Give him 3 minutes and he's done a total change of mind about something, for no reason at all.

* Mac and I are on the sofa, next to each other, Nixon comes over to us and says "We all kiss!", but he points at Mac and I, so I think he means that he wants us to kiss each other while Mac thinks he wants us to kiss him together. So we kiss each other and Nixon says "NO! You forgotted me!". I'll be damned, Mac was right! We quickly kissed his face, together, and he was a happy child again.

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