Monday, May 27, 2013

I don't always let my son talk to strangers, but when I do it usually results in a really awkward conversation

* Last week Nixon took a sudden interest in noticing people walking with canes. It was always elderly people using the canes and he always points and says loudly "Mommy, what's wrong with that person?"
   Today, at the dollar store, Nixon sees an older gentleman (OG from now on) using a cane in the same aisle as us. Enter the scene from above. I say to him "Well baby, why don't you ask him yourself, politely." And he does just that.
Nixon: walks up to the man: Excuse, but what's that?
OG: It's my cane.
Nixon: Why do you have it?
OG: Because I need it to walk.
Nixon: Why?
OG: *to his credit his was very kind to Nixon during the "why"s* Well, I'm old and my legs don't work as well as the used too.
me: *before Nixon can ask why again* Honey, he's had a lot of birthdays and with lots of birthdays your body gets worn out.
Mac: Like Daddy's knees buddy.
me: *to the OG* Thank you.
Nixon: Thank you, yous cane is awesome!

  Poor old guy couldn't get away from us fast enough. I thought having Nixon ask the guy himself was better than me fudging an answer with the guy standing only 2 feet away from me.

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